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The Happy Fun Time is just a memoir of Antoinette Hershey of Lingburgh. She uses this as the title of her autobiography which revolves around the not so happy times during the second Amish-Japanese War.

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During the Amish-Japanese War many people were scarred by the horrible intake of Amish exposure. As a result of the long-term visual abuse, the Japanese retaliated. This is also rumoured to have cause the bombing of Pearl Harbour, even though blowing up Pearl Harbour had nothing to do with the Amish-- at all.

Antoinette Hershey was just a young woman at that time, nearing 24 when she evidently put a stop to the Amish-Japanese War. Being one of the affected, she decided to strike out towards the two rivals. Even though she was killed by a pitchfork which nearly decapitated her with her mid-section sliced open by a Japanese katana,

Amish Girl

A deadly pitchfork wielder.

 she somehow made it as a role model to people who actually care about that.  

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Katanas similar to the ones used to kill Hershey.

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