Its a TARP! Rally to Restore Sanity

Something Hershey would have said.

No Technology in Brighton

Some Hershey influence I suppose...

After witnessing the brutality of both the Amish and Japanese, Antoinette began planning and plotting a way to prevent the war.

The First StrikeEdit

During the 30s, female independence wasn't really highly promoted and so Hershey thought small. Somehow she managed to rally 36 members of the local community to protest against the Amish. However, after several attempts they failed.

Their failure was only limited to some extent ans the message was still heard by a few. However, the message was "lost in translation" because it encourage more violent attacks to the Amish by the Japanese.

The Origin of "Happy Eyed"Edit

With the initial failure and the progressive rate of obscenity from both the Amish and Japanese, a war was abreast. 

Hershey then gathered some more recruits and established an organisation named "Clean-Eyed Coucil of Initiates". They were open to the public and often crashed official events to perform rallies. Knowing of her criminal past, the public shunned her at first, but after seeing no arrest in progress they accepted the "Happy-Eyed Freaks". 

During this time Hershey documented these events to write an autobiography. However, we do not know if she actually wrote the documents because she couldn't write nor read. 

Upon hearing about the group, somehow, the Amish ne
An Amish family on a Morning Stroll

Oh, no they didn't!

ar Lindburg decided to be more open with thier awkward ways and show even more facial hair. But the crossed the line when they attempted to wear coloured clothing.

This sparked a threst to the Japanese and started the first Amish-Japanese War.

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